Your Complete Checklist Before A Website Design And Launch

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Business nowadays is fast-paced and demands quicker and lasting results. The website is a speedy and easy way to take your business to a wider range of audiences in a short span of time. Designing an excellent website is challenging and demands lots of time and effort.  Your website launch is a big event and necessitates attention to all minute details possible.

The following blog is a quick guide to check through before your website launch.

Choose your Colour Scheme and Fonts wisely

Make it a habit to choose colors for your website that reflects your brand message, in other words, your website color scheme should sync with your brand voice. Avoid high contrast and vague colors.

Pick a font that suits your message, analyze whether your website design should sound professional, cool, or traditional and then select accordingly. Be careful and consistent with font spacing and size, paragraph structure.

Go for Favicons

Favicons add a professional touch to your site, a favicon is a website/tab icon that is displayed in the browser right next to the page title. This element creates a first impression on visitors' minds with a chance of them revisiting your site in the future frequently.

Proofread again and again

Content is a readable part of your website design that has the potential to attract customers, so be unique and credible while crafting your content. Use a diverse range of grammar tools, spell checker, and plugins that are available online for free to avoid any grammatical errors. Hire a professional if possible for all of your proofreading needs.

Test your websites on browsers and devices

Your website loading speed should be high on all browsers, laptops, mobile devices, and PCs. Visitors skim through your company's website for information and low loading speeds have a higher risk of your visitors leaving your site and switch over to your competitor's site.

Test your CTA

Your visitor needs a CTA to make a purchase, signup/subscribe for a newsletter, send in a query and a CTA should make these things happen with ease to execute, any technical issue can cost you a lot.

Check the functionality of your website components

Ensure all components like email signup forms, social media links, internal navigation work as expected with no loading issues.

Check your social media links

Check whether your website design company social media links are updated frequently, if not search engines can penalize you. This reaps you the maximum benefits SEO can offer if deployed properly.

Appropriate titles and metadata

This is a crucial factor for any website, the description should be relatable to the respective page content that is displayed in the search result page.


Looking to design and launch your website select a website design company that answers all your queries and their operations are transparent. A reputed web design company will revert you back for your emails or messages and deliver your projects on time and don't lag behind in any aspect.

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